Episode 04 - Season 1 Published on September 28, 2021

Will Irby, Cintel, Inc.

Will Irby, Cintel, Inc.
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What does it look like to grow a small technical services firm in Huntsville, AL?

Join James on this chat of the future as he sits down with Will Irby, President of Cintel Inc. James and Will discuss company culture, Huntsville’s profound effect on small businesses, and how to attract talented team members.

Show Notes
0:50 Cintel’s Origin Story
2:46 Cintel’s goals
3:23 Work That Matters
4:14 Background Dictates Niche
05:10 The Other Side of Cyber-Security
7:48 Cyber-Security Protection
9:08 Huntsville Start-Up
9:17 The Right Location
10:06 Amenities That Matter
10:28 The Huntsville Effect
13:15 Attracting Talented Team Members
16:00 COVID Effects on Work-Life
18:05 The 3 C’s
19:19 Accountability Brings Value
20:40 Assessing Career Risk
25:13 Giving Back through Non-Profit Work
28:23 Working with Kids
29:22 Irby’s Golf Bucket List
30:24 Irby’s Go-To Dish at Rocket City Tavern
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