Episode 05 - Season 1 Published on October 26, 2021

Ryan Renaud, Huntsville City Schools District 4

Ryan Renaud, Huntsville City Schools District 4
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Public education plays a significant role in the success of a growing city like Huntsville. Join James on this chat of the future with Ryan Renaud, Huntsville City Schools District 4 representative. James and Ryan discuss the biggest challenges facing our school system and the wonderful assets our community gives the bright minds of tomorrow. This is Uncommon Access!

Show Notes
0:50 Ryan’s Background
2:00 Leadership Effects Real Estate
3:00 Collaboration Drives Educational Advancement
6:24 Seeing Change through Opportunity and Passion
7:50 The Community: The School Systems Strongest Asset
10:56 The Biggest Challenge Facing the Education System
13:40 Knowing When to Pivot
16:03 Workforce Opportunities
18:50 Private Partnerships
20:45 Building Strong Relationships with Universities
22:29 Biggest Surprise from this Appointment
25:52 Parting Advice for Entrepreneurs
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